Bye Bye ePubs – Hello HTML5 browser based reading!

HTML5 Vs ePubI was at a publishing conference recently and someone asked the question “Why do publishers struggle to adopt to digital technologies?” My answer was “I got two words for you ‘CHANGE MANAGEMENT’ “. The big name publishers (also known to many as the Dinosaurs) have always shown resistance to change. Technologies are bringing about disruptive innovations in publishing. One such innovation comes in the form of HTML5 based web-browser reading and the true question is whether the Dinosaurs can wake up and realize the need to walk the HTML5 path.
First there were traditional ePubs – These worked well for trade books and simple textual content. However the 3 As (Apple, Amazon and Adobe) made the go-to-market strategy extremely expensive. Their focus has always been on monopolizing the market and creating closed-loop e-retail networks.
Then came ePub3 – Although the specifications showed a lot of promise for a great reading experience, none of the 3 A’s have been able to deliver epub3 readers. The only true ePub3 reader out there is AZARDI. However, is ePub3 the true disruptive innovation? I don’t think so.
Now HTML5 web-based reading offers 3 very important features that are going to make ePubs a thing of the past:
1) Device Independence – Web-browsers can be accessed from any device, from any platform. No more closed-loop network nonsense. No more sharing of profits with the 3 As.
2) Security – No DRM requirements since web-browsers bring with them traditional token-based security features that have been tried and tested for years.
3) Interactivity – HTML5 interactive powers are well-known and mock interactive limitations of ePubs.
Reality Premedia, along with our technology partners InfoGridPacific and also the innovators of AZARDI, have developed a host of products that focus on delivering amazing HTML5 reading experiences to publishers like never before. A glimpse of our product portfolio can be seen in this short 3 minute film.

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