Cutting Edge Technology: Augmented Reality Development

Cutting Edge Technology: Augmented Reality Development

Technology is spreading its roots in every field with great innovation every single day. Augmented reality is a new innovation of technology, which is spreading widely now-a -days. Augmented reality is a computer modified and enhanced view of physical reality. AR enables users to have virtual view of everything be it furniture, house, lawn or books etc. With AR tool a person can see the virtual reality of how furniture will fit in the room, how the bungalow or house will look like and enhance the book reading experience. Basically augmented reality has enhanced businesses.

Cutting Edge Technology: Augmented Reality Development

Augmented reality app development for smartphones and tablets has made it an important and effective tool. AR app helps users in travel and tourism, shopping, gaming etc. Augmented reality for publishers has given new innovations in publishing and made books or magazines more attractive. Publishers can now have enhanced ads in books with digital prints, include videos and audios, slide shows, link to web pages. AR publishing not only helps in adding money to publishers account but also increase the views, which lift sales. AR is also benefitting publishers by enabling online retailing.

AR reality has its roots in Real Estate too. Now with Augmented Reality for real estate the agents don’t need to take customers to different locations for viewing the property. AR for real estate has removed all the hassle of travelling to different locations, now customers can simply sit in agent’s office and understand the property views. No scrolling down of images, no catalogues as AR has removed all these barriers. Now customers can virtually view their house themselves and see how the house will look like, how colors will compliment the walls, how lawn will look like, where and how to setup everything without actually going to locations or without actually making the house. All the construction, designing and layout can be seen in advance saving time and money. AR for real estate is proving to be good marketing tool as agents can make users understand about property more precisely and convince them easily.

AR has shown its boom in furniture sells too. Designing and decorating house with best furniture is everyone’s dream. But buying furniture is not an easy task, as several things need to be taken care of before buying furniture for home but not anymore. AR for furniture allows you to decorate and furnish home in great way. It allows users to view how furniture will fit in house by generating 3D images. Customers can check how design will look in their house, can customize color combination of furniture. Marketing of furniture has become efficient and effective with AR app for furniture. Not only this even catalogues can be made supportive to AR, which makes buying and selling of furniture even more effective.

In a nutshell, AR app development has made new innovations and increased marketing standards.

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