Augmented Reality Application for Furniture Store (Showrooms Simplified)

Home decor is a dream for every individual and everyone wants his dwelling to be beautifully decorated. Furniture is the keyword in home decor as it’s the major part every individual has to deal with. Choosing the right furniture for a house is too much of task as one has to deal with each and every detail like color which should compliment with the walls, size as the product should get fitted properly, how the final look will be when actually placed in rooms etc. A customer has to anticipate about each and every accessory which is actually very confusing, but not anymore.

The concept of augmented reality has now entered into the decor and furniture space which is enabling everyone to have a much clear understanding of products, without even watching them in reality. Augmented Reality Application for mobile phones and tablet PCs is a kind of technology which enhances a 2D image by converting it into the 3-dimensional model. 3D views help in convincing buyers about the furniture structure and help in increasing sales. The AR catalog can be more attractive and convincing as compared to any 2D catalogs.

Augmented Reality Apps Features



Customers visualise your products in their homes in 3d in real time and real dimensions.


Customers can interact with the products, position them in different parts of their homes.

Augmented Reality

Using Augmented Reality home owners & realtors can visualize their new homes from printed brochures using a mobile app.

App Analytics

Track shopping cart conversions, user demographics and host of other essential customer insights.

Cross- Platform

Reach a wider audiences with AR apps that work of android and iOS phones and tablets