Storytelling in Animated Video

The importance of Storytelling’ in Animated Video (2024)

Hey there! Ever wondered why some animated videos feel like they’re giving you a warm hug while others just fly over your head? Well, it’s all about the stories they tell! Let’s dive into why these tales are so important in animated videos, using simple words that even your grandma would get. 

Storytelling in Animated Video
Storytelling in Animated Video

1. Grabs Your Attention 

Imagine you’re at a party, and someone starts telling a fascinating story. You’d probably stop whatever you were doing and listen, right? It’s the same with animated videos. When there’s a good story, you’re hooked from the get-go. You want to know what happens next, like when your favorite TV show leaves you hanging at the end of an episode. 

Example: Think about Airbnb. They use animated videos that tell the story of travelers going on exciting journeys, meeting new friends, and experiencing different cultures. The stories are so captivating that you can’t help but dream about your next adventure with them. 

Airbnb Introduces the Bélo: The Story of a Symbol of Belonging | Airbnb

2. Makes Tough Stuff Easy 

Think about explaining your phone’s crazy settings to your grandma. Not easy, huh? But if you turned it into a funny story about a confused phone, suddenly, it’s way simpler. Animated videos often deal with tricky things, like explaining how rockets work or showing how a business idea is like a puzzle. Stories break down these tricky bits into chunks you can actually understand. 

Example: Ever heard of Dropbox? They use animated videos to show how their cloud storage works. Instead of boring you with techy details, they tell a story of a busy character juggling tons of files. It’s like a mini adventure that makes the whole concept crystal clear. 

Dropbox Intro Video

3. Gives You Feels 

You know how a sad movie can make you tear up? That’s the magic of feelings! Stories in animated videos do the same thing. They make you care about the characters and what they’re going through. Whether it’s a brave little squirrel or a big-hearted robot, when you feel connected, you’re more likely to remember the message they’re sharing. 

Example: Remember Google’s “Year in Search” videos? They’re animated stories that highlight the most searched topics of the year. These stories tug at your heartstrings by showcasing real events and emotions, making you feel like you’re part of a bigger, shared experience. 

Google Year in Search | Here’s to 2013

4. Sticks in Your Brain 

Think about your favorite bedtime story when you were a kid. Chances are, you still remember it, even if it’s been years. That’s because stories are like glue for your brain. When something’s told in story form, it’s easier to remember. So, if a company wants you to remember their new gadget or a cool service they offer, they put it in a story – a tale that sticks! 

Example:   Apple‘s animated videos craft stories that stick with you, making their sleek products unforgettable.
Apple Watch Ultra | Call To The Wild | Apple

5. Makes You Do Things 

Okay, let’s talk action! Ever noticed how some animated videos ask you to do stuff? Like, subscribe to a channel, buy a product, or share with your friends? That’s the power of stories. When you’re into a story, you’re more likely to follow along with whatever the video asks you to do. It’s like your friend telling you to try a new ice cream flavor – you trust them and go for it!  

Example: HubSpot‘s animated videos weave stories that inspire action, turning viewers into marketing mavens  

 HubSpot CMS

So, there you have it! Stories in animated videos are like the secret sauce that makes everything way cooler. They grab your attention, simplify tough things, give you feelings, stick in your brain, and even nudge you to take action. Next time you’re watching an animated video, remember, it’s not just pretty pictures – it’s a story that’s itching to whisk you away on an awesome adventure!  We are 3d animation company With 20 Years of experience. Lets Connect and Work together.

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