How To Publish Your First Ebook – And Make Big Sales

If you’ve been copywriting for sometime, have you ever thought of publishing your own ebook? To begin with, you’ll have to write read-worthy and attention-grabbing content. If you’re writing a novel, it can take months to years to finish your story. But you can always take it one step at a time. You don’t have to aim to write the next War and Peace just yet.

There are various kinds of ebooks you can write. It used to be that ebooks are limited to text-based types of books, but most formats now allow illustrations and colorful graphics. By all means, you can write a picture-filled children’s book, a gastronomically-decorated cookbook or a scenic galore of a travel book. But before we jump to that, let’s start with the nitty-gritty.
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It is a daunting task to publish your ebook, especially if it’s your first time. Although some platforms are so simple that you’ll automatically think you can upload your draft in a jiffy and there goes your ebook in one click, your output will be that as well- simple and amateur-looking. Serious book lovers can easily look over what seems like a bland and uninteresting ebook. Here are 5 tips to remember to publish a saleable ebook:

1. If your draft has been sitting on your desk (in your computer) semi-finished, move forward by having it edited and proofread. You have several options: 1) you can manage your own editing by crowdsourcing or bartering for editors and using beta readers, 2) you can hire someone else to do it- a developmental editor, a coach or work with friends and colleagues who understand your target audience. What is your set purpose or goals? A specialist content editor or beta reader can assist in outlining the major organization of your ebook so that it goes according to your goals.

2. Copyediting and proofreading is the final stage of polishing your manuscript. Hiring a pro makes real sense at this point. You’ll want to make every word in your book pop off the page!

3. Your manuscript now seamless, you turn it into an ebook. You’ll have to choose basic design options such as the font, the page layout and pertinent images. The copyright page is a must and yes, the cover. Writing a book is a skill in itself; publishing an ebook is another. If you’re a writer who specializes in making good content and don’t have time to mind the details of publishing an ebook, you can outsource. Sites like and Elance feature affordable freelancers. You can choose from a long list of candidates. You can opt to go by the path of DIY ebook publishing softwares, but it will have you stuck for longer hours in front of your computer.

4. The next step is converting your ebook. If you’re a newbie, you could get lost in the specifics of formats and softwares to choose from. If you’re serious about selling your ebook, it’s better to outsource your ebook conversion. Contact a trusted digital publishing company such as You can ask about different packages of ebook conversion services offered at value deals.

5. Launching and marketing your book definitely is the scariest undertaking. You’re thinking about earning passive income, but it take so much work! Plan ahead for your online ebook marketing. You need a significant investment of time to build community and relationship ties to make your ebook known. It’s both exciting and daunting, but be in the know and you’ll make it in publishing your first ebook!

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