Smart Tips And Tricks For Top Notch Ebook Publishing And Sales

Your dream of writing a book can come true, even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer! Now is the perfect time to do it. No more qualms of giving it a shot at self-publishing because countless of success stories spread through the internet. A first time author can definitely make a name for him/herself, thanks to handy tips and tricks in epublishing.

Why Publish In Amazon?

How to go about with it? Publish your ebook in Amazon. It’s as simple as that. Big time authors like Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki exclusively publish in Amazon. There are good reasons and more. Amazon is actually more than a shopping cart or web store. There’s a lot going for the site. Publish your ebook in Amazon, launch an ebook, promote ebooks online, sale ebooks online

  • People are always ready to buy in Amazon because it’s the largest paid search engine across the globe
  • Amazon’s book market is no. 1 on the internet.
  • Amazon’s authority metric review system is credible.
  • Amazon is a great marketing machine. If you sell a number of copies, your book gets referred to others who haven’t heard about you.Amazon makes publishing easy. In a matter of hours, you can publish and place your ebooks online. If you publish first and exclusively in Amazon, your sales gets concentrated in one place and you can quickly climb the best sellers’ list.

In Amazon, you can epublish your ebook, spread your message and earn good money from big sales by simply using your smarts and the keyboard.

How to write your ebook:

The first step to epublishing is writing your ebook. Perfecting your ebook needs you to write 3 drafts:
The vomit draft- it won’t be the most warming image, because it’s basically writing as if you’re throwing up on an empty page. Initially, you’ll be writing the “Table of Contents”, trying out the chapters, scenes and stories without making everything look pretty yet.
In the review draft you develop the style and tone of your book. Get feedback from your friends and colleagues.
In your editorial draft, ask help from a close friend or professional who is an expert in grammar, style and story structure.

How to fPublish book online, digital publishing company, ebook publishing servicesormat, design and publish your ebook:

Format your ebook for Kindle– you can DIY using the Calibre program or hire a freelancer to do it. Outsourcing is a practical idea, too. If your ebook is your life’s work, it’s worth it to pay a few hundred dollars for outsourcing to get it done right. Epublishing is the most daunting part. Kindle has a self-publish feature but would you risk producing a bland and amateur-looking ebook? Book lovers literally judge a book by its cover. Don’t hesitate to outsource your ebook design and conversion and you’ll realize it was the best decision you ever made.

Promoting and launching your ebook:

Tell the world what your book is about. How else would people know and decide to buy it? Before releasing your ebook tell your family, friends and followers to leave reviews. Ask early readers to do the same. After collecting some reviews, launch your ebook. There are several ways to do it. You can send emails to your friends, relatives and blog subscribers, offer incentives to buyers or promote your book through word-of-mouth or social media.
Everything digital makes ebook publishing and selling extra easy. Know the right tips and tricks and work with the experts digital publishing outsourcing company.

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