How To Prime Your Career As An EPublisher And Sell Your Ebook

Publishing a book used to be such a complex process that entailed murdering of a bunch of trees, but not anymore! In fact, the process of writing, printing and getting a book out there has become easier and fun. Even first time authors and publishers can make a name at the quickest time possible by publishing ebooks.

ebook popular in educational institutions, ebook popularityEbooks are no longer a mere niche market. In June 2011, book lovers have switched over to reading ebooks. The ebook reading culture has reportedly reached 25% in the US, with the phenomenal growth of 169% every year. Nowadays, most new book releases are published as ebooks.

Self-publishing your ebook means having to go about with the process in a fragmented ebook sales market. You’ll have to work directly with different companies and comply to their particular formats, rules and system requirements. Amazon is the clear leader in the ebook marketplace, but Apple and the Nook (Barnes and Noble) have a solid number of users for their devices, too. Industry watchers account that Amazon leads the ebook market share, holding 60%; Barnes and Noble keeps 30% and Apple 10%. Minor cracks in the statistics are filled by a smattering of other services.
As a budding publisher who wants to thrive in the ebook market, you should have sufficient know-how in preparing your book for those 3 major platforms (at least). Here are some tips to guide you:

You will have to create your Amazon and B&N accounts, but prior to that, get primed for your career as an epublisher.

  1. Write a book. Writing great content for your ebook is hard enough, plus you have to adapt it into an ebook-friendly format which is an equally complicated process. If you self- publish in Amazon alone, you have to read through the site’s “Formatting” Q&A Forum consisting of over 3000 threads! Spare yourself the trouble by hiring someone to do the formatting. However, remember that a formatter exclusively handles the formatting, not the editing of your book content.
  2. Understand EPub, the most common format standard. Epub looks the same as HTML, but you actually don’t have to deal with EPub directly. If you hire an ebook publisher, they will convert your MS Word doc to en EPub file. Then they are going to let you download the converted EPub file so you can check it out by yourself. The formatting service will send your book back in .doc format. Make it your master file, but clean it up and make sure that everything looks good.
  3. Convert your master file in different formats. From the original .doc word format, you can create other formats that are adaptable for Amazon and other platforms. Prepare a PDF version of your book, too, and have some descriptive blurbs ready for submission to book sellers.
  4. Create an attractive cover. Design a high-quality full size cover to promote your ebook on seller sites and Web search results. You can self- design your ebook cover (if you’re handy with Photoshop) or you can hire an expert digital publishing company to design your ebook.

Book lovers literally judge a book by its cover. Don’t risk selling a bland and boring ebook that customers easily overlook, but work with a team of ebook design and publishing specialist to create a top-notch, attention-grabbing ebook that every book lover will want to add in their carts.

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