6 Tips How To Create The Perfect Corporate Video

6 Tips to Make Your Corporate Video More Interesting (2024)

People watch a lot of videos online when they want to buy something. Making a Corporate video for your business is great, but it’s tough because there are so many other videos out there. We have got 6 tips to help your Corporate video stand out. Videos can help businesses a lot, but making them interesting is hard. Our tips will make your videos more fun and exciting. 

6 Tips How To Create The Perfect Corporate Video
6 Tips for Creating Awesome Corporate Videos

There are many distractions online, so it’s not easy to get people to watch your video instead of others. The way you make your video decides how much people will like it. Some companies make videos that are boring. But a good video isn’t just about sharing facts. It should be interesting and tell a story that people enjoy. 

“People remember only 20% of what they read… but 80% of what they see”

Following these 6 tips will help your videos be better and more engaging for the people watching 

1. Know Why You’re Making the Video 

Before starting, figure out why you are making the video.  

What Do You Want to Do? Do you want to sell something, teach, make people happy, or tell more about your brand. 

Who is Going to Watch? Who are the people you want to see your video? Knowing their age, interests, and problems they face helps make the video better for them. 

What is the Main Thing You Want to Say? What is the most important thing you want people to remember? Make it short and clear so everyone understands 

2. Tell an Interesting Story 

A good video needs a great story: 

Make People Feel Something: Tell a story that makes people happy, sad, curious, or excited. 

Show a Problem and Fix It: Talk about a problem your audience knows about and then show how your product or service can help solve it. 

Make Characters People Can Understand: Make characters or situations that your audience can relate to. 

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3.. Make it Look Great 

How it looks is really important: 

Use Good Cameras: Use really good cameras to get clear pictures. 

Add Cool Pictures and Moving Stuff: Put in animations or pictures that make things easier to understand. 

Keep Your Look the Same: Use the same colors, writing styles, and pictures all the time so people know it’s your brand. 

4. Keep it Concise 

To grab attention in a busy world: 

Keep it Short: Make your video only 1 to 3 minutes long. 

Stay on Track: Every second should be about what matters. Don’t add things that don’t fit. 

5. Quality Audio Matters 

Good Sound is Important: 

Having clear sound is as important as good pictures: 

Use Good Microphones: Get good microphones and record in a quiet place for clear audio. 

Add Voice or Music: Use voice or music that makes the video better, not too loud to distract from the story. 

6. Include Call-to-Actions 

Help your viewers know what to do: 

Say Clearly: If you want them to visit a website, subscribe, or buy something, tell them clearly and in a way that gets their attention. 

Put in the Right Place: Don’t put these instructions where they might bother people, but make sure they’re easy to see. 

When you mix these things together well, your video will keep people interested and tell them what you want. This makes it memorable and gets them to do what you ask. 

What are Corporate Videos Used For? 

Corporate videos serve a multitude of purposes 

Staff Training Videos: They help train employees about company rules and ways to work. 

Safety Videos: They focus on promoting workplace safety protocols, procedures, and guidelines to ensure a secure working environment for employees. 

Informing Investors: They tell investors and people who own part of the company how things are going financially and what’s planned for the future. 

Content Strategy Overview Videos:  They outline the company content marketing strategies, goals, and approaches to engaging their target audience effectively.  

Product or Service Explanation Videos: These videos show what the company sells and why it’s good. 

Each video has a job. it helps inside the company, talks outside the company, and helps the business grow 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Video

1. Why are corporate videos important for businesses? 

Corporate videos help tell your brand’s story, display what you offer, and connect better with your audience using visuals. 

2. How can I make my corporate video stand out? 

Make your video more exciting by telling a great story, being creative with visuals, staying genuine, and making content that your viewers will relate to. 

3.What length should a corporate video ideally be? 

Try to keep your video short, around 1 to 3 minutes. This keeps it interesting without losing people’s attention. 

4.How do I make my video content interesting? 

Make your video more interesting by telling stories, showing real-life situations, adding humor or emotions, and giving helpful information that your audience cares about. 

5.What should a corporate video include? 

A good corporate video has a great story, info about your brand, highlights of your product or service, testimonials, and a clear message telling people what to do next. 

With these insights, creating an exciting and impactful corporate video becomes an achievable goal, allowing you to showcase your brand in a memorable and engaging way.