What is EPiserver and why should you use it

What is EPiserver and Why Should You Use It.

What is Episerver and Why Should You Use It

EPiserver is widely regarded as the world’s fastest-growing content management and online community solutions provider. EPiserver is a Swedish-developed publishing system that offers a wide range of web content management solutions to fit the needs of any business. Employees can collaborate on a larger organization’s website, as well as intranets and extranets, using EPiserver CMS. EPiserver development enables intranet and extended network collaboration on shared material.

As EPiserver expands with its re-brand, Reality Premedia is excited to continue its partnership to bring outstanding digital experiences to our clients. Here are a few elements we love about EPiserver development services and the value they offer to your teams:

Barrier-free optimization & personalization

The heritage personalization and testing technique used by EPiserver is a compelling, native solution that uses visitor groups to establish distinct attributes for segregated users. Data from other connected systems, such as marketing automation platforms, can be used to supplement these features. It’s also incorporated similarly and easily using a JavaScript snippet on the content analytics and recommendations side via Idio, requiring very little programming overhead.

Full-coverage commerce

EPiserver’s historical commerce solution has always provided a compelling value proposition by combining content and commerce in a single platform. This, combined with additional focus on PIM, SPA/PWA support, JavaScript framework starter kits, AI/ML-enabled production recommendations, and underlying headless REST API architectures, demonstrates Reality’s commitment to the rapidly evolving commerce landscape and allows us to deliver robust commerce experiences for our clients all from within a core digital experience platform.

Robust managed cloud hosting infrastructure

The current Digital Experience Cloud (DXC) from EPiserver service provider is comprised of a simple infrastructure footprint of web apps, databases, blog

storage, and content delivery networks (CDN). This gives a well-known, dependable uptime quality, as well as the ability to scale up or down based on traffic requirements.

Simplified DevOps workflows

With EPiserver’s self-service capabilities for DXC and various environmental groups, you can speed up release cycles with a variety of choices based on your comfort level and governance requirements. If you want a more user-friendly method, their management site lets you do many common code and data promotion activities with just a few mouse clicks. This includes the ability to quickly restore backstream databases to ensure non-production environments are identical to production.

Smooth content-editing experience

EPiserver offers On-Page Editing, which allows content editors to see and edit the rendered visual page right where it is. It also gives developers the opportunity to customize the default user interface to meet the needs of your content editor. Projects can be created to organize content modifications. A project can have multiple pieces of content, such as pages, components, and media files. It also has commenting capabilities for user collaboration, as well as version history and rollback capabilities.

There are many add-ons, made by EPiserver developer and third parties, available for extending your EPiserver Digital Experience solution. The add- ons from EPiserver development companies have described added features such as search analytics and social media and marketing tool integrations. Some add-ons require separate installations, and some also require a specific license. There are myriads of other reasons why EPiserver CMS may be the right platform to power your company’s web presence and engage your users.

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