Advanced EPiServer Features and tools

Advanced EPiServer Features and Tools

Advanced EPiServer Features and Tools

EPiServer is a content management system that allows developers to create and deliver content through a single interface. Users may manage, optimize, and build the digital experience that best suits their client base using EPiServer’s interface.

EPiServer is a cloud-based digital experience platform that helps medium-to-large businesses manage content and market online. Customer personas, data backup, brand management, engagement tracking, lead conversion, and third-party connectors are all important aspects.

EPiServer includes a centralized dashboard that allows administrators to examine content, product information, and campaign information. Teams may handle catalogues, orders, customer data, and payments across several areas, enhancing the customer experience. Managers may utilize artificial intelligence to build tailored customer journeys by combining content andproduct data.

A/B testing, lead generation, and project collaboration are all included in the solution. EPiServer provides a Service API that allows third-party systems to integrate with EPiServer for marketing automation, search capabilities, personal information management, and other purposes. Managers can customize the programmed and construct a content delivery network for various websites using the built-in visual studio. Users can use the system’s interface with Microsoft Dynamics to speed up the launch of digital products.

Advanced features & tools

Optimized search results

It optimizes search results and displays the most relevant material to visitors using historical search data. As the website grows and search-related data accumulates, it is used to increase the relevancy of search results and to generate search suggestions based on previously searched terms. The search data can also be combined with other user information to provide users with customized search results. Tag pages with synonyms of a term to ensure that relevant sites are displayed even when a user searches for non-matching text.

Best bets

This feature allows you to customize or tag search results for display at the top of the results page in order to promote specific pages or content. When you’re trying to structure a landing page or promote specific sites as part of a marketing effort, this functionality can come in handy. The current state of each page included in the search results is displayed by Best Bets. This makes it simple to spot pages that haven’t been published yet or have passed their expiration date. The status is updated in real time, and any changes made by administrators are reflected immediately.

Smart list block

Webmasters can use the Smart List block to present a smart list of information or items from throughout the site for a particular search criterion. This type of search block customization can be used to promote certain content, such as products on an e-commerce site. The smart list is built dynamically depending on the user’s current page views and encourages them to explore more of your website.

Adaptive navigation

To offer targeted and personalized content to visitors, this relies on visitor segmentation. Find can refine search results based on personal preferences, previous browsing history, previous purchasing history, and other factors. Additional links that may be of interest to the user are presented using the same data. Multi-dimensional navigation allows a website to offer pages from several locations, allowing a visitor to view a certain page via any path available. All of these factors contribute to increased user engagement, which can lead to increased conversions.

Adding an easy and effective search functionality enabled by EPiServer Find is all you need to keep visitors hooked on your website at a time when online retail stores are reporting an incredible 74.6 percent rate of cart abandonment.

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