Which Ebook Conversion Format is Best for You?

Whether it is reading for pleasure or work, ebooks are rapidly eating into the space conventionally occupied by hard books. This is evidently because ebooks blend in more easily with the contemporary way of life. Many publishers have already spotted this trend and have partnered with an ebook conversion company of their choice to launch digital versions of their books. But if you, like many other authors or publishers, are yet undecided about which ebook conversion services are best suited, here’s a quick guide.

Ebook Conversion Format, different reading devicesYour chosen ebook conversion company will be able to give you detailed recommendations on each of the following ebook conversion format:

Standard Kindle Conversion

Today Amazon bookstore is the we fastest selling eBook store and this is one of the first format of eBook that you should go for. Though this is a proprietary format of Amazon it is the most widely read.

Standard ePub Conversion

The next most standard format used is ePub. There are quite a few plus points that ePub offers over standard PDF; the key benefit being that with ePubs, the text size can be seamlessly adjusted to the reader’s preference. This is also used by maximum number of readers like Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony and Kobo to name a few. It is regarded as a standard and open format.

This aspect is crucial considering that different readers make use of different reading devices. While some readers use their smartphones, others may be using an ebook reader, while some others may even be accessing the books via their laptops or desktops. Since each of these devices has varying screen sizes, the text-size-adjusting ability of ePubs helps provide the reader a fulfilling reading experience. Also of the essence is the fact that adjusting the text size in ePub doesn’t cause the layout or formatting of the text to change.

Interactive Books

Many experts in the ebook conversion services industry are of the opinion that the advent of interactive books was the real game changer in the ebooks industry. As can be inferred from the term, interactive ebooks enable the reader to interact with text, pictures, or other multimedia in the book. For instance, if you’re looking for ebook conversion services to publish children’s books or cookery books in the digital format, interactive books could fit your need just right. So, your ebook services company could create books with voice recognition features to answer readers’ questions, for instance. Interactive books can also comprise games or other activities. A touch of interactivity in ebooks can play a pivotal role in hooking the reader.

Enhanced ebooks

The saying that a picture speaks a thousand words attains a whole new meaning in the context of enhanced ebooks. You should ask your ebook conversion company about enhanced books if you think embedding rich media into your book would benefit your readers. For instance, enhanced ebooks can be supplemented with videos and podcasts to visually demonstrate a point in your book. Audio files can also play an important role in this endeavour. Moreover, enhanced ebooks also leverage the features of interactive ebooks, such as blurbs, narration, or interactivity.

Several ebook conversion services provides have now included enhanced ebooks to their portfolio because there is a conspicuous demand for the same. Several publishers from the STM sector are especially impressed by the ability of enhanced ebooks to bring text-heavy concepts to life.

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