Book Digitization – A boon to readers

Reading is always a pleasure to the human mind. It provides an alternate universe, thereby helping man to get knowledge and pleasure. In due course, reading helps one gradually develop an imaginary world of his/her own to dwell in times of difficulty or agony. Having said all about the advantages of reading, we should look at new technology helping people read. The legacy of reading with printed books and paperbacks is being backed with e-book conversion. People are more and more inclined towards reading over electronic media, for it offers quite a number of advantages over the conventional reading methods.

The Era of e-booksEra of e-books

With the increasing use of devices such as iPad, Kindle, Nook and the like, this age could rightly be called the era of e-books. Compared to the bulky bundles of printed books, people prefer these palm sized devices which could provide them all what they need in a hassle free manner. One such device can very well be used as a substitute for an entire library. Apart from the storage capability, they also offer a wide range of advantages and a variety of attractive functionalities to the readers. Organization is the biggest advantage that a reader could get with these state-of-the-art technologies. Any book you require is available to you at a click or a swipe of your finger.

The Evolution – Books to e-books

All that being said about the digital media, it’s important to look at smoother and effective ways of transition from the conventional methods to the latest world of iPads, Kindles and Nooks. Along with the emerging trends, it is important to see to it that, the older forms of literature are still made available to the readers in the convenient new media. This brings into picture, the mandatory process of e-Book conversion. While the newer books are directly made available over the digital media, care has to be taken to make the massive collection of older literature available to the modern readers.

The e-Book Market

market of ebookThe e-books are known to be environment-friendly by avoiding the use of paper. This has made a lot of companies take the initiative for e-book conversion. Most of the publications release their books both in the digital and conventional forms. They are made available in a number of standard formats namely PDF, EPUB, MOBI, RTF, DOCX etc. There is a wide range of audio books available in the market, for people who prefer listening to books rather than reading. There are a number of readers available on the digital stores which support e-books in any of these formats. These readers also embed numerous features such as attractive visual effects, bookmarks, day/night mode and so on, in order to enhance the quality of the reading experience.
Books have always been a great source of knowledge. So it is always important to maintain the crux of them, may it be conventional or modern. The e-book conversion offers the knowledge of conventional books to every modern reader with new technology.

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