Next Revolution in Manufacturing: Augmented Reality

Next Revolution in Manufacturing (2024) : Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Sector.

The Augmented Reality is not a new term is the manufacturing industry as the idea is there for a very long time. However, there is still a lot to be done in order to bring the idea into its full potential. Augmented reality can really be a boost and revolution for the manufacturing industry and one of the reasons for that is it will elevate the capability of production. Generally, in order to increase the production of a company, a huge amount of manpower is required. However, when it comes to the application of augmented reality, it will streamline the production process and make it more productive without increasing the manpower of the companies.

There are many pundits who are saying that the augmented reality will be the next revolution in the manufacturing sector. Well, by looking at its potential and what it can do for the manufacturing sector, it can certainly be said that it will be a real boost for the manufacturing sector once the augmented reality is implemented in a full-fledged manner.
Here are some of the impressive benefits that augmented reality will bring to the table of the manufacturing facility.

Streamlining of Assembly:-
The modern manufacturing facilities need to assemble a number of complex parts to create the final product. Before the presence of augmented reality, the professionals working at the manufacturing facilities used to take help of the tablets and PDFs to cater to the needs of the manufacturing facilities. However, those instructions given by the PDFs were static and as the manufacturing facilities are evolving at a rapid pace, they needed something dynamic that would cater to their needs of the dynamic changes. Up comes augmented reality to fulfill that need and the manufacturing industry has used this technological advancement quite efficiently.

Streamlining Maintenance:- 
Every now and then, manufacturing facilities faces some terrible problems which require the maintenance personnel to solve it. Well, the time is taken by the personnel generally slows down the rate of production which a company cannot afford because of the modern day competitive market. That is why augmented reality is giving them the scope of having the maintenance of their facilities machines quite swiftly through accurate detection of the problem and solving of problems.

Expert Support:-
Generally, the problems inside the manufacturing facility’s equipment can be a bit hard to discern especially given the fact that the dynamic nature of the problems. Many times, even the experts fail to recognize even the slightest of the glitches which cause the issue. However, with the use of augmented reality, the maintenance crew are getting expert support through which they are solving the issues in no time and helping them to ensure that the production of the manufacturing facilities continues at a good pace.

Quality Assurance:-
Let us understand how augmented reality can be implemented in another segment of manufacturing i.e. quality assurance. One cannot undermine the importance of the QA process because it testifies the adherence of the manufactured product to the predetermined specification. Generally, there is a checklist with checkpoints. The quality examiner is expected to check the product and fill out the list before the product is sent for delivery or not sent in case of rejection. Hence, it’s understandable that the quality of the final product depends on the precision of the quality inspection process.

Through AR assisted quality assurance process there is an overlay of 3D CAD data on live video of the real product. Hence, it becomes possible to display important information like tolerances, dimensional accuracy, surface finish in real-time. When you use AR it will definitely reduce the inspection time considerably.

It becomes possible to project the augmented version of the information right on the product, which is to be inspected. Thus, AR provides an interactive platform for simplifying the complicated task in a more competent way.

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