Augmented Reality Solutions in Manufacturing: How Can it Benefit an Industry

Augmented Reality Solutions in Manufacturing: How Can it Benefit an Industry

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industry

If you wish to comprehend augmented reality in its totality then there can hardly be a better example than Pokemon Co. To brief it out, augmented reality lets you into a realm that is objectively based and interactive, be it a game or anything else. The technology of Augmented reality is still maturing, however, since its induction in industrial applications, it is not only creating convenience but optimizing processes too. Just a couple of years back the idea of implementing augmented reality solutions in manufacturing seemed a far-fetched exaggeration. However, in the world of technology, human needs, and their aspirations have driven innovation. The time in which we are going through is witnessing increasing acceptance and recognition. Hence, augmented reality in manufacturing companies are gaining a valuable competitive edge.

So how does augmented reality benefits manufacturing? To be precise it is helpful in the quick identification of problematic issues in processes and services. Further, it can facilitate a considerable reduction in production downtime. Thus, it makes all the sense to have a close look at some of the proven ways through, which augmented reality in the manufacturing industry can benefit enterprises in different verticals.

Speeds up Process and Operations:-

Take for instance the task of assembling a fighter jet. A new engineer will need years of training to master the process. On the other hand, the use of AR glasses powered with motion sensors, cameras, and depth sensors can augment images while engineers go about their task in the real world. It will assist the engineers with part numbers, cables, bolts, and necessary instructions on the component-specific assembling process. Experts believe that implementing augmented reality in manufacturing will bring about an improvement in the precision of engineers by more than 95%. They can execute a task 30% faster.

Solving the Problem in the Shop Floor Becomes Easy:-

One of the regular chores of a manufacturing company entails the implementation of effective solutions to different kind of backlogs or deterrence related to people, process, and product. Augmented reality in the manufacturing sector, facilitates access to the needed solution in real-time.

When you get the support of augmented reality applications in manufacturing, the team members entrusted in the execution of manufacturing operations can display the problem at large even if the expert is located at a remote location. Diagnosis and resolution of the issues become possible through visualization of KPIs in real-time without disrupting the production process.

Ease of Data Accessibility:-

The benefits of augmented reality in manufacturing can be comprehended from the fact that manufacturers and service engineers can remotely access any tangible items powered with IoT technology. Further, it becomes feasible to derive information from the enterprise resource planning system of a company that works somewhere in the backend. Hence, they will get comprehensive access to several variables of essential information like lead time, inventory, object specs, and location.

The good news is that augmented reality development companies have been successful in providing AR-enable mobile app for scanning QR codes, transmitting graphic, images, videos, and feed, and use it to repair machines.

Reduction in Maintenance Time:-

Implementation of AR in the manufacturing industry is surely at its zenith in the automobile sector. Eminent players like Bosch collaborated with AR giants like Reflekt to maintain their competitive advantage in the industry. CAP is its much-celebrated app which can find defects or shortcoming in product assembling, guide rectification, and maintenance.

Virtual reality in manufacturing can prove to be invaluable in minimizing production downtime arising from machine breakdowns. It can save valuable financial reserves and can implement quick-fix solutions bringing about a substantial reduction in downtime.

To sum up, industrial augmented reality can support manufacturing units in preventing errors, on job training, and make the best possible use of people, process, and products.

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