eBook Readership In Europe

Currently eBook conversion is making headlines as the fastest growing sector in the publishing trade, due to the recent increase in eBook readership in the various countries of the world. Predictably, the European continent, which is home to several advanced economies and well-developed countries, is not an exception to this latest development in the publication industry.

eBook Readership In Europe
eBook Readership In Europe

The impact of eBooks in the European market:

The past: In the beginning eBooks or digital books were not as popular in Europe as in the United States, where the eBook conversion companies doing conversion  to ePub and Kindle services registered a profitable and steady growth. However, despite the availability of eBook reader devices and similar gadgets, the digital book market in Europe remained uncertain. For instance, as per the studies carried out in 2008, less than 10% of the top-level books in the UK were available in digital form. Even in 2009, the digital book sales remained negligible in Europe.

A brief review of the present situation:  

At present, a growth has been registered in the sale of digital books in Europe. However, digitization of books is not posing a big threat to the printing sector as people are still interested in reading printed books. For now, eBook conversion services are making it big in today’s digital book business. This is mainly because of the popularity of eBooks published in the ePub and Kindle formats; these are preferred by people due to the simplicity, connectivity, and flexibility offered by the devices that support these formats.

As per the present scenario, we can say that the digital books are here to stay as digital content is conquering the book world in its own style and pace. For instance, according to statistics, in the first half of 2013, the UK book market registered a 5% growth in comparison with the previous year. In Germany 84% of the publishers offer eBooks, whereas the French digital book market generated millions in the form of revenue. Other European countries like Spain and Italy also hold a significant share in the global eBook market.

Future trends:

Today, leading players like Amazon, Sony, Kobo, and Apple have started introducing user-friendly online platforms and devices that have been specifically designed for the locals. The future for digital books in Europe appears bright, because of the increasing momentum and drive to boost up the digital book market. A rise in the sales of eBooks is expected by 2015. Studies and surveys also indicate that Europe could become the largest market for digital books by 2017.

Final words:

At present, there is a positive development in the eBook market in Europe due to the increase in availability of compatible and affordable platforms. As the authors and publishers are getting really interested in digitizing their content due to the overall growth in eBook sales, the demand for eBook conversion services has also shot up. However, surveys also report that printed books will still exist in the future despite the ongoing digital transformation. At this stage, though it is difficult to predict the exact developments in the future eBook readership trend in Europe, we can say that people will start embracing new technology. eBooks will also gain acceptance as a popular book format, in addition to the printed versions.

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