Launch of Kobo in India

Finally, Kobo has made it! This e-reading service giant based at Toronto-Canada has kicked off its presence in India, so that it can tap the country’s emerging eBook market. In time with the festive season in India, Kobo has launched its platform and four e-Reader devices – just months after Amazon introduced its Kindle devices to Indians.

Kobo plans to go local:

Launch of Kobo in IndiaKeeping up with its tradition of partnering with the major local brands, Kobo has tied up with local vendors such as Croma (leading electronics retailer), Crossword, WHSmith and other publishers. They believe that this collaboration will enable the Indian populace to enjoy eBooks in a traditional and localized manner, without forcing unnecessary alien or global offers to the people. Kobo plans to offer about four million books, magazines, journals, newspapers, etc. across its platform – and every part of the content will be made suitable for the local readers.

In fact, Kobo believes that the strategy of forming links with the native companies is one of the key factors behind its success in the various International markets. Interestingly Kobo holds the third largest place in the United States market; and it is located in 191 countries (including India). As a matter of fact this major eBook store and e-reader company has intentionally launched its e-reader release in the Indian subcontinent during Diwali time, so as to honor the culture and tradition of the country it plans to serve.

Kobo’s devices:

The global e-reading service firm has released four devices in the country. It has also offered special discounts for two of its devices, Kobo Arc and Kobo Touch. There are no offers for the other two e-readers, Kobo Glo & Aura HD. Now let us check out the special features of the devices.

 – Kobo Touch: the cheapest of all, has an ‘anti-glare 6-inch Pearl E Ink touch screen’ that is easy for your eyes even if exposed to sunlight. It will give you a pleasant reading experience and you will feel that you are reading printed copies!
Kobo Glo: The ‘ComfortLight technology’ , ‘E Ink technology’, and the ‘no-glare XGA high-resolution 6” E Ink screen’ will allow you to read equally well in both day and night timings.
Kobo Arc: An Andriod tablet, with ‘7 inch screen’, ‘1.5 GHz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM’, and ‘16 GB storage space’.
Kobo Aura HD: This e-reader has a ‘6.8-inch Pearl E Ink touchscreen’, a 1GHz processor, and ‘4GB storage space’.

Final Words:

With the launch of its indigenous e-readers designed specifically for Indians, Kobo plans to conquer the subcontinent. Today a significant proportion of Indians are adapting to latest technology such as eBooks, due to factors like fluency in English, increase in income & spending levels, etc.

Reports state that Indians purchased eBooks for about $78 million in 2008 and for $1.7 billion in 2011. A further increase in eBook sales is expected in the forthcoming years. Moreover, this ongoing boom in eBook sales has triggered the expansion of eBook conversion services in India. On account of these positive factors, Kobo has initiated its e-reader project in attempt to capture the billion-dollar Indian eBook market.

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