Hiring an eBook Conversion Company is Better than a DIY Approach – Know Why

With the popularity of eBooks soaring to unprecedented levels with every passing year, one might think that developing an eBook can be done by anyone. It is easy to believe that you don’t need an eBook conversion company given the plethora of digital conversion apps on the market.

eBook Conversion services, eBook Conversion companies, ePub conversion, kindle conversionBut this couldn’t be father from the truth. As more and more readers embrace eBooks, this reading format has become increasingly sophisticated from the technological standpoint. That’s precisely why not all firms are successful at providing eBook conversion services. More importantly, this is the reason do-it-yourself (DIY) digital book conversion often doesn’t yield the desired results, whereas a professional company possibly will.
Although there are several tools and applications available online that claim to provide ‘professional’ conversion services, the results are far from the same. Thus, the general consensus when it comes to converting to kindle or converting to ePub is that engaging the services of an eBooks company is a prudent decision.
When is a Professional EBook Conversion Company a Better Choice?

When you need to convert hundreds of pages of text into stunning, engaging eBooks that have a consistent format and style, partnering with a professional services consultant is recommended. That’s because eBook development also entails a massive amount of custom coding that not everyone is adept is as. In fact, experts opine that the greater is the attention to the code, the better is the quality and stability of the eBook when it is displayed on a reading device.
Let’s look at the specific factors that make it imperative to entrust your eBook in the hands of a professional, experienced company:

Differences between Kindle and ePub formats: Developing an eBook for Kindle and for ePub is not the same, contrary to popular belief. The finer differences between these two formats mean that publishers are better off converting eBooks into these formats independently. Often, publishers make the mistake of simply taking the Kindle format and converting it into ePub; however, that compromises the quality of the final product. While deploying separate eBook conversion services for Kindle and ePub might take slightly longer, this approach proves beneficial in the long run.
Disparate reading devices: Nearly every major eBook device seller offers a wide-ranging portfolio of reading devices. For instance, there about five different Amazon Kindle models currently on the market. And for people who do not own a Kindle, the company has developed apps that can be installed across various operating systems. In view of this, a professional company can tackle the finer nuances of each type of eBook reading device to ensure the highest possible degree of compatibility.

The more complex aspects: EBook services go beyond mere conversion from text to digital. The software experts hired by your eBook conversion company will also address the often overlooked but immensely important formatting aspects such as font type and size, bulleted lists, charts and tables, as well as an array of other enhancements that are imperative to ensure that you get maximum downloads for your eBook.

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