Photo App Framework for Android devices

Reality Premedia built and tested the first framework for apps with mainly photo content for iOS devices in early December 2011.  After launching 4 successful apps on the Apple iTunes store we have now ported this framework to android devices.

What is this framework capable of  ?

  • Provides an easy way to browse photo graphic content. You can swipe and browse the content. You can add and delete content from your app with ease.
  • Provides upto 4 user defined fields on the top and 2 user defined fields at the bottom of the image to be able to describe the same adequately.
  • Special Information and audio button that can provide additional text description and sound file associated with each photograph
  • Search and filter results on 2 user defined categories . The search can be related search or unrelated search. This is user defined when creating the app and gives the flexibility to support different apps
  • Ability to be able to share the image you like though email, Facebook and twitter
  • The app also has a section that can be defined fully in HTML 5. This allows you to add more information, video and audio files and interactions in this section just like a mini website within the app.

Key features for the Android Version :

  • Compatible to Android 2.2 and above
  • Common plist for iOS and Android App
  • Custom built touch and zoom view which is not default on Android
  • Customizable width and height of info panel with pre-defined maximum for each display type (normal, large, extra-large, etc.)
  • Allows customization of background color, separate colors for top and bottom bar and font for all elements including buttons, menus, etc.
  • Framework supports Android devices with – Normal screen, Large screen and Extra-Large screen and should work on most android devices

Tested  on Kindle Fire, Motorola Xoom 3.1 , Pop 2.2 , Samsung Galaxy S 2.2

Caveats : Android market place is not available for developers in India at the moment.  We have created two apps using this framework which are all on sales Kindle store.

These  links will give you more information about the same. Contact us for more information

Rajasthan : A state that beautifully blends Rajputana gallantry with a cultural brilliance like no other place in India. A favorite with tourists the world over, Rajasthan has always been an epitome of royalty and rich culture.

City Palace - Udaipur

Through this app, you will get a glimpse of forts & palaces, temples & dargahs and lakes that makes Rajasthan an experience of a lifetime.

This collection of 180 plus pictures, videos and rich information about the places, music & culture of Rajasthan will take you through some of the most beautiful & historically relevant places of interest across 7 major cities. The app also has a special section dedicated to showcasing the very famous folk dance, music and attire.

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Outsider Art : Outsider Art  gives you a  glimpse of how the Artist views the world through a collection of 70+ of his paintings. The app has the artist’s commentary on each painting and also an audio narration in his voice.

Start Screen

The paintings you see are not decorative. They try to depict the real world around us. Attempt is mainly to document collective misery of people and investigate social pathology behind the misery.

The dominant political discourse today is dictated by the state‚ market and media – none bothered about the weak. The alternative to this discourse seems to drift towards being self – obsessed – hedonist‚ reclusive or esoteric. So there is a need to reiterate that hunger‚ poverty and violence still afflict a vast majority of humans in the world. The paintings endeavour to state this problem. They will have served their purpose if they make you pause and think.

Outsider Art at Amazon

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