“Update on epub 3 reader AZARDI”

We had a closer look at the Azardi epub 3 Validator. Here are our Initial reactions – great support for SMIL for multimedia, MathML support is upto the mark, thanks to the newly launched AZARDI-6.

The AZARDI 6 release is a full reinvention of AZARDI and the eBook Reader. This new version is built on the latest Mozilla framework and inherits all the advanced features of Firefox 6.0, if not better.

AZARDI 6 works on all desktops Linux, Macintosh and Windows. Its User Guide is available in ePub3 format on the resources page.

The version number of AZARDI now tracks the version number of Firefox. This means the features and capabilities of the reader are always well understood by all users of Firefox and content designers in particular.


The most important features of AZARDI-6: Supports ePub 3 and ePub 2, HTML5 and CSS3, Native MathML, SVG, Browser Typography, Page and flow modes, Fixed layout capable, Multiple readers open, Secure Online linking, AZARDI Interactive Engine, Runs on Linux, Macintosh and Windows.

We have created a lot of eBooks – Trade, childrens, fixed layout, audio-video ebooks for the AZARDI reader.


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