Market your Properties using Augmented Reality Apps

If you are in a Real Estate Business, you must be familiar with the common problems like struggling to explain the property, facing difficulties to show around the properties to buyers. This is because real estate business requires deep satisfaction of clients. Buying of a property has always been a challenging task in real estate. One has to foresee a lot factors for choosing right property. Be it bungalows, flats, hotels, resorts choosing right street or place for the one requires a lot of points to be checked upon like the location, view, interiors etc.

Augmented Reality provides great value at the early stages of a construction project, to the final selling and marketing tools when selling a property. Come out with new ways to engage and connect with its digital-savvy target audience. Now let your buyer know the real size of floor, open/constructed area and let them have the convenience of viewing and experiencing the property in 3D. Get an AR app for your properties.

Augmented Reality Apps Features


AR View

Using Augmented Reality home Owners & Realtors can visualize their new Homes from Printed brochures using a AR mobile app.

3D Walkthroughs

Users can easily navigate through the real estate projects in 3d using touch gestures and explore different areas and features within the project.


The App projects the Real Estate Property in the 360-degree mode which provides an excellent visual experience.


Provide high-resolution spherical panorama shots. Users can experience this using their mobile phone’s gyroscope.

Digital Catalog Stand

Realtors can host multiple property brochures within the same app. Easy to use swipe gestures with high-resolution.

Cross- Platform

Reach wider audiences with AR apps that work with Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Sales Connect

This feature within the app allows interested buyers connect directly with Sales personnel via phones & email.